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Courses for Academic Year 2023. Click each course for more details.



This graduate course will explore literature’s status within a broader cultural framework of diverse media. They will engage with cutting-edge scholarly discussions about the nature of the printed book; the relationship between texts and images; adaptation; the book as communicative tool; and digitization.


This course explores Post-War British culture and social history via a selection of the most unique and fascinating films made in Britain over the last sixty years. Particular attention will be paid to the relationship between the films and their changing social and political context. The first term will look at cinema from the end of the Second World War until the mid-1980s. The second term will consider works made from the 1990s to the present. During this time period, Britain transformed itself from an impassive class-bound empire into a vibrant multicultural meritocracy. Or does Britain instead remain secretly in thrall to many of the colonial attitudes and feudal behaviors it believes it cast off long ago?

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Exploring the Streets


This course provides an introduction to the study of English literature. We look at a diverse range of writings from the British Isles and beyond, including novels, short stories, poems and even graphic novels and films.

Discussion & Debate

Discussion and debate course enables students (a) to develop their ability to give English-language presentations and (b) to engage in critical discussions in both spoken and written English.

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