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Asia-Pacific and Literature in English Series

Very thrilled to announce of the new “Asia-Pacific and Literature in English” Series with Palgrave Macmillan, co-edited with Shun-liang Chao, Steve Clark, Tristanne Connolly, and Laurence Williams.

The Palgrave “Asia-Pacific and Literature in English” series presents exciting and innovative academic research on Asia-Pacific interactions with Anglophone literary tradition. Its central focus is from the voyages of Captain Cook to the early twentieth century, but it will also consider previous encounters in the early modern period, as well as reception history continuing to the present day.

“Asia-Pacific” is interpreted broadly to include China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Australasia, and other relevant areas. Monographs and essay collections in this series will display the complexity, richness and global influence of Asia-Pacific responses to English literature, focusing on works in English but also considering those from other linguistic traditions. The series will address the imperial and colonial origins of English language and literature in the region, but will also seek to highlight and showcase other forms of reciprocal encounter, circulation, and mutual transformation, as part of an interdependent global history.

Please contact our editor Sara Crowley Vigneau (at her e-mail address described on the flyer) for proposals.

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