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Meiji University and UTS partnership meeting (27 Nov)

Second meeting for Meiji University and UTS partnership meeting was held on 27 November. シドニー工科大学(オーストラリア)と国際化のための定期協議(第2回)を実施しました Meiji...

RSAA Conference 2023 (6 December)

I will give a paper ‘Renewing the Text: Editorial Paratexts for Lord Byron’s The Island (1823)’ at RSAA Conference 2023 on 6-8 December.

ERCC Conference: Inventing the Human

I will be giving a paper titled "Inverting Race: Enlightenment and Romanticism in George Forster’s Construction of the Human in A Voyage...

SGNCS Conference (19-21 June)

I will be giving a paper "The Pacific as Paratext: John Williams’ A Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands...

Meiji University and UTS partnership

Meiji University and the University of Technology Sydney aim to enhance their partnership for internationalization. We just had a meeting...

Recording of BARS Digital event

A recording of BARS Digital event (21 April, 2023) is now available on Youtube. My talk on Ito Junji's Frankenstein starts at 49:19.

Pacific Intermediality, 1768-2022

I am very excited to announce that my new research project "Pacific Intermediality, 1768-2022" is funded by JSPS's Kakenhi grant (JPY 4.5...

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