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Global Barthes (18 May) -- 2 speakers added

We have added two speakers, Clark Lunberry (University of North Florida) and Yue Zhuo (Shanghai University) to the Special Symposium “Global Barthes”, taking place Global Front 4021, Meiji University Surugudai Campus, 14:00-18:00, Saturday 18 May 2024. Unfortunately, Ruiqi Wang has had to cancel. Times remain the same. Attached is a JPEG of the poster. Please come along if you have time! For further details email Alex Watson at

Title: Global Barthes グローバル・バルト


Date: 18 May (Saturday) 2024

会場:グローバルフロント2階 4021教室駿河台キャンパス 明治大学

Venue: Room 4021, 2nd floor, Global Front, Surugudai, Meiji University.

言語: 英語(日本語資料配布)

Language: English (Japanese Handouts will be distributed)

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