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  • Alex Watson

BARS International Conference 2021

Delighted to be participating in the BARS International Conference next month. I will be hosting a salon "Romantic Paratexts and Marginality" with Dr. Corrina Readioff on Tue, 17 Aug 2021 at 12:00 UK time. Looking forward to discussing a range of examples and perspectives. ROMANTIC DISCONNECTIONS/RECONNECTIONS: British Association for Romantic Studies International Digital Conference 2021 Salon Details

Also eagerly anticipating the "Global Romanticism" (August 18) salon. A great opportunity to discuss an emerging field linked to the collection British Romanticism in Asia: The Reception, Translation, and Transformation edited by edited by Dr. Laurance Williams and myself, as well as fantastic books by Shung-liang Chao and John Michael, Chris Murray, Emily Sun and many other wonderful scholars.

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