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  • Alex Watson

Border Crossings: Meiji-Edinburgh Collaboration Symposium

Border Crossings: Meiji University-Edinburgh University Collaboration Symposium will be held on Sunday, 18 December 2023 at Meiji University (Surugadai Campus).

This symposium investigates intermedia as a means of crossing, breaking down

and transgressing cultural, disciplinary, generic, linguistic and national borders.

We welcome contributions reflecting on how media combinations (such as

computer installations, illuminated manuscripts and opera), medial

transpositions (such as film adaptations and novelizations) and intermedial

references (such as references to a piece of music in a film) establish new

connections across and beyond conventional boundaries between identities,

styles and forms. We also welcome discussions of intermedia in relation to

translation, migration, margins, peripheries and borderlands. The event also

serves the broader aim of developing the collaboration between Meiji University

and University of Edinburgh.

Places are limited, so if you are interested in checking out this symposium, please contact me on my Meiji address (

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