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Meiji University's Research Partnership in Intermediality Studies with the University of Edinburgh

I am very happy to share that Meiji University now has a research partnership in intermediality studies with the University of Edinburgh.

At the end of 2020, the Universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding that promotes cooperation in research and impact activities. At the moment, the principal investigators for this Project are Dr. Fabien Arribert-Narce from Edinburgh side, and Prof. Rumiko Oyama and me from Meiji side.

We are so excited about this great opportunity of international collaboration. As Dr. Arribert-Narce details in his interview here, the convergence of research interests of this project is wide. The subjects include Drama and Theatre Arts, Literary Arts and Media, Japanese, French, German, British and American Literature.

We are currently working on an inaugural publication on the interrelationships between image, music and text, taking the work of Roland Barthes as a starting point, and will then move on to organising workshops and other events in Edinburgh and Tokyo.

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