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Tokyo Humanities Cafe 10

We're excited to announce our 10th cafe (can it really be the 10th already...): Tuesday, September 17th, at our usual venue in Shimokitazawa. As always, the event is completely FREE (please just buy a drink at the bar).

We have another fantastic line-up, with fiction and poetry readings, and talks on Japonisme and on children's book illustration.

1) Fabien Arribert-Narce (University of Edinburgh) - "Neo- and post-japonisme in contemporary literature"

2) Hsiao-Chi Chang (children's book illustrator) - "After 1762 Days: How my illustration projects take shape"

3) Lee Conell (Japan-US Creative Artist Fellow and author of "Subcortical") - Fiction reading

4) Jordan Smith (poet, academic, and translator) - "Reading: Tokyo Poetry Today"

The talks are all pitched (TED-style) at a general audience - so no specialist knowledge is required. There'll also be plenty of time to relax with a drink and meet other attendees. Regulars and new faces are welcome.

For more details please see our website.

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