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  • Alex Watson

Tokyo Humanities Cafe 12

Running since 2017, we're now on our 12th event: Tokyo Humanities Cafe, this Friday March 13th, at our usual venue in Shimokitazawa. As always, the event is completely FREE (please just buy a drink or food at the bar). Another exciting and varied line-up: we have talks about racial perceptions in Japan, queer Asian literature, and music education for children - as well as a live rakugo performance! 1) Yutaka Kikugawa (CEO, El Sistema Japan) - "Social Change through Music Education: El Sistema and Japanese Children" 2) Baye McNeil (author, journalist and activist) - "Presumption Reduction: A Giant Step Towards Diversity Recognition" 3) Hanabi Ryusuitei (rakugo performer) - "Fire at the Stables: A Rakugo Performance" 4) Grace Ting (Waseda University / Hong Kong University) - "Theorizing Queer Asian Literature" The talks are all pitched (TED-style) at a general audience - so no specialist knowledge is required. There'll also be plenty of time to relax with a drink (or fish and chips) and meet other attendees. Regulars and new faces are welcome. For more details and speaker bios, please see our website.

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