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Tokyo Humanities Cafe No. 8 (April 18)

We're excited to announce details of our spring "Tokyo Humanities Cafe"! It will be on Thursday, April 18 at 7.30pm, at our usual venue (Good Heavens Bar in Shimokitazawa). As always, the event is completely FREE (please just buy a drink at the bar).

We have another great line-up, with four talks on Italian writing, modernism, the Western classics in Japan and Science Fiction.

1) Claudia Dellacasa (Durham University, UK): “Italo Calvino in Japan: An Exploration, An Inspiration”

2) Andrew Houwen (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University): “Re-reading Ezra Pound: Hokku-like Sentence”

3) Mauro Lo Dico (Nihon University): “The Western Classics in Modern Japanese Literature”

4) Eli K. P. William (Author and translator): “The Naked World: SF Novel Talk and Reading”

The talks are all pitched (TED-style) at a general audience - so no specialist knowledge is required. There'll also be plenty of time to relax with a drink, celebrate the end of the year, and meet other attendees. Regulars and new faces are welcome.

More details, and a map of the venue, are available on our website.

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