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Two new funds for Meiji-Edinburgh Research Partnership Project (Crossing Borders and new MA course)

Very pleased to announce that we, Meiji-Edinburgh Research Partnership Project team, just received two new funds (one research project and one teaching project, JPY 2 million in total) from Meiji University! We are thankful and excited that the University continuously and generously assists the Project.

- Border Crossing: Image, Music and Text Intermediality (research project, JPY 1 million)

- Master of Arts (M.A.) in Global Intermedia Studies (teaching project, JPY 1 million)

For the research project, we are planning more events and publication of an edited volume this year. The teaching project is also quite new, exciting and challenging for the team --- we are planning to launch a M.A. course in Intermediality at Meiji University in April 2024.

We hope to share the details sometime soon.

For the Research Partnership, please check here for details.

Meiji-Edinburgh Intermedia research collaboration: A new partnership between Japan and Scotland

Intermediality the focus of new research partnership between Scotland and Japan

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