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Special lecture by Dr. Willow Verkerk at Meiji (27 June)

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

My friend, Dr. Willow Verkerk (University of British Columbia) will give a special lecture at Meiji University on 27 June. The lecture is hosted by Departent of Philosophy. Details are as follows:

Department of Philosophy, Meiji University presents 明治大学文学部哲学専攻 Special Lecture/ 特別講演会: Nietzsche's Eternal Return and Its Existential Promise ニーチェの『永劫回帰』とその実存的約束

Dr. Willow Verkerk Lecturer in Philosophy, The University of British Columbia, ウィロー・ヴァーケルク博士 カナダ・ブリティッシュコロンビア大学哲学専攻講師

Free participation (参加自由)

日時:2023年6月27日(火) 13:10~15:00 Date: 27 June (Tuesday), 2023, 13:10-15:00 会場:アカデミーコモン8階 308E教室 Venue: Room 308E, 8th floor, Academy Common

言語: 英語(日本語資料配布) Language: English (Japanese Handout will be distributed)

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